Repairing your old hair replacement system: what are the benefits?

Many hair users have been trained to be near robotic, meaning that once their hair replacement system breaks down, starts losing hair, or has problems with a ribbon tab, the hair system is simply discarded to favor of a new one. Now this is great for hair replacement companies, because let’s face it, they want to sell you a new hair replacement system – it’s their main focus. Therefore, it is no wonder that hair system repair is rare in the hair replacement world.

The truth about hair repair is that almost all hair replacement systems can be easily repaired, regardless of their current state. Hair is added, replacing the lace fronts and ribbon tabs and repairing the holes in the toupee  base is really that simple. The thing is, your hair replacement company probably won’t tell you because they make a lot less money repairing an old hair system than selling you a new one.

So you have found a company that claims to repair hair replacement systems. How do you know if they give it to you directly? Here are some simple things to look for:

Are they willing to take a look at your hair system regardless of how much you tell them what the condition is? Typically, if you call a hair replacement company looking for a repair, tell them what’s wrong with your hair system, and they start talking about new hair replacement systems, that’s a huge red flag. . A true hair repair service must be willing to review any hair system and have a “can do” attitude. How many? Typically, most repairs can be done for under $ 100, with the exception of adding a new lace front. This means that if your hair repair service costs nearly as much as a new system, you are probably getting the stem. A true hair repair service is affordable and costs a lot less than buying a new hair system.