How and where can you enjoy family picnics in Dubai?

This time is the most wonderful time of the year to not just get the apartments for sale in Dubai but also plan all your picnics in the many wonderful spots. While it is hard to explain why sandwiches tend to taste better after they have been packed in a lunchbox for a couple of hours, but they do. The smart thing for families to do right now is to pack chilly juices, savoury snacks, and fresh fruits to take the most advantage of the gorgeous weather in the city of glamour and magic. If you happen to live near La Rosa Villanova, you can manage to reach amazing picnic spots without travelling for too long.

If you are tired of the same old mundane routine and want to freshen up your mind with your friends and family members, pack up a basket and go out for a picnic. Taking a break is not only a necessity for your body but it is also crucial for the peace of your mind. For your convenience, here is a list of all the amazing picnic places that are enough for you to shake off that blanket, take out the pickle sangers and cheese, and open up that juicy box of fresh strawberries.

Al Barsha Pond Park

This serene spot is home to numerous picnic lovers because in here you would find a huge beautiful lake-sized pond that overlooks mesmerising trees that have hanging cherry tomatoes.

At Al Barsha, you can easily unfurl your comfortable blanket and spend quality winters. This place not just allows you to stroll and meditate around the shimmering pond, but you can also hop on a swan-shaped pedalo.

Al Khazzan Park

This is a wildly famous picnic place that sits directly opposite City Walk and is cherished by people of all backgrounds and ages. It is the first solar-powered park in the UAE and is full of merry places.

Other than having two playgrounds, it has many hills for sunshine frolics and a cute little cycle path for kids.

Burj Park

Ever thought of stuffing your backpack full of mouthwatering grub and head to Burj Khalifa to setdown with your friends for an entire evening?

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Burj Park could not be more ideal for picnic fanatics, because not only it offers a scenic spot for you to sit and gawk at the world’s most amazing and tallest building, but also The Dubai Mall and The Dubai Fountain. So sit here, and devour the sarnies amidst the world’s most entrancing buildings.

This spot also homes an odd gig, therefore you can visit the place to rent bikes and burn the calories you have just consumed.

Creekside Park

What could be better than sitting with a bunch of your friends and nibbling away some roasted vegetables with delectable hummus all the while admiring the mighty Dubai Creek?

At Dubai Creekside, you can do it all. Here, you can get the kicks from aquatic critters residing next door, grab amazing food to eat, bask in under the sun to soak some vitamin D and enjoy the cable car ride.

JLT Park

This one of the rarest neighbourhoods in the world, that offers a sprawling community park in the heart of skyscrapers.

Other than picnickers, the JLT park is famous among all kinds of people. Therefore, here you would see a lot of joggers hitting the track, cricketers engrossed in cricketing, ballers emersed in shooting and exercisers grappling with their exercising pieces of equipment.

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park allows you to do everything that you fanatsize about, so be it pony riding, strolling around at an international village, visiting an equestrian and gawking at the windmills, here you can do all.

Be it night or day, anyone visiting this picnic spot can make you comfortable enough to open up their hamper and layout in their comforter. Furthermore, this spot also offers an ideal place to enjoy a barbecue, sports and a lot more. You can also check the Aventura Nature Park and take a dip at the adjacent swimming pool.

Although, this list only covered six picnic spots in Dubai, there many more picnic spots in the city. So to enjoy more picnics in the city, you should get villas for sale in Dubai.